A private Charity designed to support the sustainable creation of Art through the Alex Theatre project in St Kilda

Our Purpose

Telling the stories that matter.

Our Spirit

The beating heart of Victorian show business

Our Home

The home to a diverse array of performing arts groups and artists.

What we focus on

The arts provide a strong identity and shared a sense of pride in being part of a community. In its creative nature, we can turn any dream into a reality, preserve our history and strengthen our culture to form a solid foundation for future generations.

  • Stories – finding and recording the narrative
  • Talent – the support and development
  • Programming – the creation of ART

The How

The programming fund provides risk relief and other support to the groups and individuals creating within our focus areas.
The funding provides opportunities to share stories, in turn creating an ecosystem ripple effect that brings enjoyment to our community, drives customers to local businesses, and enlivens our local City of Port Phillip through Arts, Events & Entertainment.

Areas to get involved with


Funds help reduce the risk for the development & creation of our programs.


ART Performances are powered by YOU!
Connect to find out more.


Get involved with writing, creating, developing Art.


Delivering Art to our Community for their growth and enjoyment.