Alex Theatre Environmental Management Plan

The Live Venue its Time

Environmental Management Plan The Alex Theatre is a leading creative innovation hub energetically cultivating the business of show business within the City of Port Phillip. As a leader in the arts and creative innovation space we recognise our responsibility towards, and our impact on the environment. This framework was started in 2019 with an awareness […]

Writers Program

Writers Program Isolation Edition at the Alex Theatre The Alex Theatre is excited to announce the Writers in the Isolation program. This program allows writers of all backgrounds to submit their text, script, novel, or screenplay for feedback and workshopping opportunities. The feedback will be provided from the creative team behind Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc and writers […]

Musicians In Alleyways

Musicians In Alleyways

A Uniquely Melbourne, Music Experience Doorman Alley Art House supported by A.R.T Performances is excited to announce a new way to experience Melbourne’s live music scene. Musicians in Alleyways is a video series of live concerts performed in the City of Port Phillip’s Alleyways. In the near future expect to be walking down your favourite […]

The Ushers

The Ushers Coming to a theatre near you. A motley crew of ushers do all they can to entertain themselves while they wait for the audience to return. The Office meets Waiting For Godot. Proudly supported by Vass Productions and Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc.

Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales

Imagine a world full of children stories The creative team behind the Alex Theatre in St Kilda supported by Vass Productions and Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc. are proud to present their new children’s stories program, Tiny Tales! Tiny Tales has been designed as both a children’s entertainment program and an interactive, creative writing experience […]

Alex Rocks

Alex Rocks Founded June 9, 2020 Supporting Live Music in St Kilda St Kilda is the wellspring of Rock Music in Australia, and the George on Fitzroy Street off the Boulevard was at its heart. From the ashes the flame is awakening and the Alex Theatre within the George site is fanning that flame in […]