Environmental Management Plan

The Alex Theatre is a leading creative innovation hub energetically cultivating the business of show business within the City of Port Phillip.

As a leader in the arts and creative innovation space we recognise our responsibility towards, and our impact on the environment.

This framework was started in 2019 with an awareness of the need to reduce the energy consumption and waste production within the theatre. We recognised the synergy between economic growth and the social benefits with reductions in our sites environmental impact and that this framework should be developed to go further than just the theatres carbon footprint.

Why Go Green?

While theatres are not seen as large contributors to carbon emissions, sites like the Alex Theatre in St Kilda have the ability to influence the community significantly. We can reduce our carbon emissions and at the same time have a much wider reach by showing audiences and other associated industries what is possible, using the theatre as a ‘shop window’ for best practices in the environmental management area.

Save Money

Switching to more energy-efficient equipment reduces energy consumption, re-using materials saves considerable funds and recycling reduces the cost the removal of waste.

Attract Talent

The growing momentum in society today is to act on climate change and those involved with every aspect of our industry are eager to make a difference.


The Alex Theatre STK Environmental Management Plan (EMP) outlines the achievements and indicates additional actions proposed for future implementation.
Our aim is to integrate a philosophy of sustainable development in all areas of our business activities and to establish and to promote sound environmental practices in our operation.


This environmental plan is a living document, and all relevant aspects of the business will be drawn into, or reflect, the plan as an item is identified to have an impact in this area. In time we hope the plan will comprehensively describe the procedure, objectives, actions, communications, monitoring and review processes to be adopted.


It is the responsibility of the Board to establish and maintain policies and procedures and to bring these procedures into effect.
The General Manager is responsible to ensure implementation of these policies and procedures.


The Alex Theatre is committed to pursuing economic growth with social benefits and a low environmental impact by the development of our policy framework in line with the Bioregional One Planet Living principles. https://www.bioregional.com/one-planet-living

  • Health and happiness: Providing a safe and healthy workplace including strategies for wellbeing of all staff, volunteers, contractors, members, and the public.
  • Equity and local economy: Being an environmentally responsible neighbour in our community.
  • Culture and Community: Having an environmentally sustainable aware culture, where responsibility is assigned and understood.
  • Land and nature: Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling. Being aware of our building’s physical footprint, its use and the impact of products used onsite.
  • Sustainable water: Ensure an awareness of water management within the building and equipment design and its maintenance in the water management cycle.
  • Local and sustainable food: Source local and ethically produced products.
  • Travel and transport: Identify and promote environmental methods of transportation.
  • Materials and products: Fostering an environmentally aware business culture that seeks to recycle, reuse and eliminate non-recyclable materials.
  • Zero waste: Recognise what waste is and identify areas to improve in its management.
  • Zero carbon: Pursuing a net zero carbon footprint by being aware of all aspects of our operation and the environmental impact of the site, setting in place strategies to eliminate or offset all emissions attributed to our existence.


Environmental practice and awareness will be factored into all procedural documentation as a core fundamental principle.

As these procedures are developed or updated, we will factor in guidance from bodies such as Sustainability Victoria https://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au.

Our Environmental Achievements

  • Identifying a need
    Development of website to present the proposition of environment awareness in theatre to engage interested party’s
  • Completing an energy audit of the site

Direct impact changes

  • Upgrade refrigeration units in bars to more energy-efficient models
  • Replace high-energy general lamps with energy-efficient units

Future areas of review

  • Review of HR policy manual in line with EMP – Good health and wellbeing
  • Upgrading of heating, air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Upgrading and general maintenance of the general electrical system
  • Theatrical lighting fixtures and associated system
  • House and working light systems
  • Water consumption and management
  • Waste management
  • Procurement
  • Travel and transport related to business operation
  • Policy and procedure
  • Site redevelopment
  • Behavioural change within the business
  • Hospitality services – bar, kiosk, and catering
  • Community engagement
  • Information technology systems
  • Quality education practices
  • Development of monitoring, review, and continuous improvement systems.

Our Commitments

  • Comply with all environmental legislation and regularly review our policy and actions.
  • Discuss environmental issues at the highest level of the organisation and enshrine sustainability at the heart of the businesses policy and practice.
  • Invest in technology to enable our designers to use low energy lighting on our stages and encourage sustainable practices throughout the production process.
  • Increase awareness of environmental policies and encourage a culture of shared responsibility.
  • Communicate our initiatives and progress to audiences and partners.
  • Reduce wastage, preserve resources, and recycle across all areas of the site.


  • This approach to sustainable business practice is supported and endorsed by the Board and the General Manager.
  • It is communicated to employees at regular staff, volunteer, and management meetings and in the Staff/Volunteer handbook which is given to all new employees.
  • Our policies will be integrated into all procedural plans


  • The General Manager will also review and evaluate our performance internally on an annual basis and create an action plan, accordingly, identifying new initiatives and setting measurable targets for future progress.
  • Specific initiatives will be evaluated at Board meetings, using the Action Plan as a starting point.
  • We will use wider surveys to gather data from audiences, artists, and staff when appropriate.


This Environmental Management Plan is a work in progress to demonstrate the Alex Theatres commitment to reducing the adverse environmental impacts associated with the day-to-day operations and activities. It also shows that environmental considerations will be integrated into future policy and procedural decisions, including site redevelopment works. Short to medium-term objectives are considerable to start off, with future targets more focused on continual improvement.

To follow The Living Venue project