How to Apply for a Grant

This information below provides an overview of the grant application process. It is designed to help you determine if your organisation meets eligibility requirements and if your project will meet funding principles.



Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc (ARTP) makes grants across a broad range of arts endeavours to support the telling of stories that matter. Grants are made under the following funding areas:

      • Art programs
      • Education
      • Venue access support
      • Research and Innovation
      • Artist and practitioners
      • Community engagement


The majority of our grants are made in response to applications and/or an expression of interest (EoI). However, grants may be made in response to a need or opportunity proactively identified by the Foundation. The latter are usually major funding initiatives in partnership with other entities such as Local or State Governments bodies or larger corporate enterprises.


ARTP rarely awards the full amount of any project. Please ensure that you have alternative providers of funding and that your application clearly considers any possible grant from the Charity in this context.


This section guides grant seekers step-by-step through the process of applying for a grant, starting with confirming your organisation’s eligibility to receive a grant under the Australian taxation laws and checking the suitability of the project before setting up an online account and applying. Please note that most of our funding areas consider applications via a two-stage process; first the completion of an EOI and then full application – that may take from four to six months to complete.


We encourage you to make use of the FAQs, Tips & Hints, and other downloadable documents that provide extra detail, should you need it.


If you can’t find the information you need or have any doubts, please call us. We are happy to answer questions and provide additional guidance.




Eligibility of your organisation


ARTP will consider a project submitted by an individual or organisation that has not been excluded (see Exclusions) that supports the telling of stories that matter via theatre, performing arts, and other artistic endeavours.


The project also needs to align to one or more of ARTP’s Funding Areas.



Projects that fall into any of the following categories will not be considered for funding.


      • Retrospective funding – projects which are already underway or which will commence prior to the date indicated in our online application information are not eligible for consideration.
      • Recurrent expenditure for which there is no future provision.
      • Capital or endowment funds.
      • Auspicing is not permitted – the organisation applying must be the one that will run the program or project.
      • Applications for public charitable purposes outside the Commonwealth of Australia.
      • Applications for projects that have previously been declined by the Charity cannot be resubmitted.
      • Applications will not be accepted from organisations that have not successfully acquitted previous grants from the Charity.


Application Process

The following Funding Areas require an Expression of Interest (EOI) prior to proceeding to an application.


      • Art programs
      • Education
      • Venue access support
      • Research and Innovation
      • Artist and practitioners
      • Community engagement

Before submitting your EOI you must speak to the relevant program manager to discuss your proposal and its fit with the Charity’s priorities. Please check the relevant funding area pages for contact details.


The EOI/Application Process


Stage 1: Expression of Interest (EOI)

EOIs must be submitted online. You can access the relevant online EOI form via the appropriate Program Area page during an open funding round. To assist in your preparation, you can preview the EOI questions.


EOI submissions will be assessed, and applicants notified by email within 10 business days as to whether their project will or won’t progress to full application.
Where possible, proposals should be submitted earlier than the EOI closing date to receive a quicker response. This will give you additional time to complete your full application if you are invited to Stage 2.


Stage 2: Application (by invitation)

If you are invited to submit a full application the Program Manager will advise you via email. You will have approximately three weeks to complete and submit the application online. There are strict closing dates for full applications which can be found under the relevant Funding Area page or Funding Rounds.


Meetings and site visits may then be required to assist the Charity to better understand your organisation and the proposed program or project.



Your application for a grant will be considered by the Charity’s Board. The Board meets three times a year and you will be notified of the decision within two weeks of the meeting.
Please note that an invitation to submit an application does not mean that your application will be funded.


How to submit an EOI/Application

Below is an overview of the Grant Application Process. This should be read in conjunction with specific information on the relevant Funding Area page where you can initiate an application via our website.


      • Step 1: Before you proceed PLEASE read our Funding Principles, and review the Eligibility and Exclusions sections above to make sure your organisation can receive a grant.
      • Step 2: Identify the relevant Funding Area. Information on each funding area can be found under What We Support.
      • Step 3: All funding areas require you to submit an Expression of Interest (with the exception projects that have personal invitations to apply via the application process without completing the an EOI).
      • Step 4: Check that your project meets the funding objectives of the relevant area. You will need to speak to a Program Manager before submitting your EOI or Application.
      • Step 5: When a funding area is open for application, there will be an active link that will take the applicant to the funding area page that will take you to a full Application form.
      • Step 6: Complete and submit your EOI or Application by 5.00 pm AEST on the closing date.


Opening and closing dates apply for EOIs and full Applications. These dates can be found on the relevant Funding Area page or under Funding Rounds.


Please note: All EOIs and Full Applications need only be submitted online. You do not need to submit hard copies at either stage of the application process.