Funding Philosophy

Our funding principles underscore a set of specific funding objectives for each of our funding areas.

Funding across all program areas is underpinned by the following funding principles and must support our purpose of telling of stories that matter:



We support organisations, programs and individuals who are outstanding in their field.



To maximise the value of our grants, we try to identify and support projects that can become self-sufficient as a standalone project or become an import part of any art ecosystem enabling it to become self-sustaining. Supporting research is fundamental to this approach.



We seek to fund programs and projects that take a new approach to solving problems, especially those that can be evaluated and have potential for expansion and further development.



Our grants have greater impact when combined with support from volunteers and other sources such as other trusts and foundations, government, and business. We are happy to be one of a number of supporters of a program.

We encourage grantees to have collaborations and partnerships that facilitate combining knowledge and resources to achieve a shared goal.


Long-term thinking

We try to fund projects that will continue to have an impact well beyond the period of our grant. The long-term sustainability of the project is an important consideration.
Social leaders

We aim to cultivate leadership in the Australian Art sector that is highly skilled, well prepared, and best placed to fulfill an organisation’s mission.


Funding Pillars

ARTP has six funding pillars that align with the Charities Vision to support the telling of stories that matter and creating a Healthy, Sustainable and Vibrant Art industry in Australia.

      • Art programs
      • Education
      • Venue access support
      • Research and Innovation
      • Artist and practitioners
      • Community engagement


Each funding area within these six pillars has its own grantmaking priorities and objectives. Not-for-profit organisations can apply for grants that meet the funding guidelines of the above areas.


ARTP also awards Major grants which recognise and consider iconic or significant projects, most of which span several funding areas.


ARTP proactively seeks out these iconic or significant projects. Applications are by invitation only.