Ways to Support

There are so many different ways to support our mission. 

  • Talk about us and what we are up to. Sharing connects others to our works and in turn grows our community. 
  • Volunteer. Using your talents strengthens our bonds with our community and the investment of your time means more to us than money.  
  • Join as a member of the Alex Theatre… portal opening soon online however in the meantime please connect with us via the link above
  • Make a Donation.  All unconditional donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible and managed by our Public Fund.
  • Set up a gofundme campaign and link it to our Charity profile. We are happy if you share our current fundraising campaign also. 
  • Set up a Facebook Fundraiser, selecting our Charity as you do – a great way to engage your connections with our work. 
  • Buy a raffle ticket. You could win and you also support our work at the same time.  
  • Set up a support Raffle with us to support our mission. A great way for Businesses to support our mission – connect with us via the link above
  • Larger donations can be made by contacting our Treasurer directly. Call our office on 03 9964 0918 or email allan@artperformances.org  
  • Let us know of any other way your would like to connect and support our local mission. 

Become an Executive Producer

We are more than happy to connect you with our production partners directly or via Vass Productions Pty Ltd

Supporting the Arts and Telling the Stories that Matter

Alex Theatre Company

Alex Theatre Co has been set up as a professional repertory musical theatre company supported by Alex Read Theatre Performances Inc and Vass Productions to stage commercial Off-Broadway & Westend styled shows.

Adopt A Project

If you or your Company would like to adopt or take over one of our many projects we would love you to be involved.

Our main focus at the moment with restarting the Theatrical program, however, we have other projects currently being worked on.

If you are interested please reach out and lets talk. 

CLICK HERE to find out more about Us and those involved on our committees including the Sub-Committee of the Public Fund.

The arts provide a strong identity and shared sense of pride in our community. They are a bridge between fostering creativity and preserving culture, engaging minds, and passing along heritage to future generations.

With your help, the arts can be accessible to all members of the community and inspire the lives of hundreds of thousands of people within the City of Port Phillip and beyond.

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