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The Alex Theatre Project


Alex Theatre ST Kilda (ATSK) is an innovative theatre project set up to develop a more in-depth understanding of how to keep stage and screen productions viable.

The Alex Theatre was founded in 2015 and is the home to a diverse array of performing arts groups and artists who are actively working towards a common goal, which was put into motion by producer and global entrepreneur Aleksandar Vass OAM upon his return to Australia from the UK.

St Kilda was chosen due to its historic value to the arts, it was the original wellspring of rock music, creative arts, and film in Australia, and the top end of Fitzroy Street is the perfect location, nestled within the George building adjacent to the George Hotel for this ambitious project.

A multipurpose arts venue offering three different-sized spaces where hirers and producers are able to present a wide range of works in an accessible, comfortable venue that is also commercially viable.

This is a 10-year project to develop operational guidelines to assist small performing arts venues to be self-sustaining. 

The Alex Theatre is an arts collective of creative;

  • Writers
  • Comedians
  • Theatre Practitioners
  • Filmmakers
  • Story Tellers
  • Comic Artists
  • Dances
  • Online Creators
  • Musicians
  • Educators
  • Technologists
  • A Clown or Two

The Alex Theatre comprises the following six hireable venue spaces – 3 core spaces and 3 support spaces:

The venue also directly supports arts and innovative projects to stimulate cultural, social, and economic activity that assists our artists and the associated support people to engage and work creatively.

Examples of the current projects that the Alex Theatre manages, coordinates, or supports are:

Arts Companies in residence
The Red Brick Wall – research & development
The Living Venue – Environmental Education
The Alex Film Challenge – the making of films
Broadcast Studios – Live and post-production

The Alex Theatre has put in place a wide scope in its approach to the collective of creatives to encourage cross-genre arts development to become a true creative hub within the City of Port Phillip.  Visit the Alex Theatre St Kilda

ATSK derives funding from 4 primary areas:

  • Business: hiring facilities and staging productions/events
  • Donations: a Public Fund is linked to the project with DGR status
  • Grants: private and government funding
  • Private investment

To ensure a sustainable model ATSK has 3 types of businesses working in synergy in the eco-system.

The ATSK business model is constantly being reviewed to adapt and better accommodate the opportunities within the ecosystem while enabling a greater level of resources to our core activity.

The Alex Theatre Values

  • Sustainable Art: Sustainability in work and the environment, coexisting so that the footprint stimulates cultural, social, and economic activity.


  • Creative Engagement: programmes serving the local area to nurture new work, generate income for creative practitioners, entertain audiences, and strengthen the creative nature within the community.


  • Diverse arts based eco-system: Developing a dynamic and strong reputation for its high standard and diversity of theatre and screen programming through to feeding the Australian theatre industry with the raw talent of actors, directors, writers and creatives, nurturing new voices for the stage.

The Alex Theatre Aims


To programme a diverse range of shows and events of the highest possible quality to attract and satisfy a wide range of communities/audiences.

Aim B

To develop new ways of engaging both audiences and artists, including by improving the portfolio of creation, learning and development opportunities available.

Aim C

To create clear pathways for inspiring ideas to move to production and to work with partners to ensure maximum exposure for productions and venue.

Aim D

To develop income streams, invest appropriately into our physical infrastructure and operate responsibly to run at a small surplus, build up an operating reserve and move to sustainability.

OBJECTIVE 1 (AIM A) → Presenting an inter-disciplinary programme, with theatre at its heart, comprised of the most significant and exciting work that is produced locally or is touring the country.

OBJECTIVE 2 (AIM B) → Working with other venues, festivals and other institutions to enable presentation of a focused international performance programme.

OBJECTIVE 3 (AIM A/B/C) → Supporting the development of local artists and companies, presenting their work in our venue and enabling their work to be seen more widely.

OBJECTIVE 4 (AIM A/C) → Becoming a significant enabling theatrical force in this city by producing and co-producing productions.

OBJECTIVE 5 (AIM B) → Researching and investigating existing and potential audiences, targeting our dialogue with them and making it easier for them to engage with us.

OBJECTIVE 6 (AIM B) → Working with schools, universities and other bodies to provide education and outreach work for a diverse range of people in various areas.

OBJECTIVE 7 (AIM B/C) → Creating a portfolio of opportunities for artists to develop their work and/or practice that is transparent, accessible and flexible.

OBJECTIVE 8 (AIM D) → Transition the not-for-profit company into the lead role managing the existing premise and making suitable capital investments into the site.

OBJECTIVE 9 (AIM D) → Consistently driving down our energy consumption and operating in an environmentally sustainable manner.

OBJECTIVE 10 (AIM D) → Using prudent, smart and innovative management to move towards long-term financial stability.

For more information about the Alex Theatre project and to request a copy of our current Business Plan email
(Note Business Plan is only available as the GM sees fit… top-secret and all we know you will understand)