The next public tour of this free exhibition will be on Saturday 20 May from 6.30pm. 

Tours are approximately half an hour long and will be running on the half hour at 6:30pm.

Doors of the Alex Theatre will be open from 6:00pm. 

No Bookings Required

The exhibition path sequence

The exhibition will takes you on a journey through a variety of different experiences, from VR (Virtual Reality), the bar, to lounge areas.
We encourage you to engage with all, as will as purchase any of the artwork that catches your eye. The use of 3D glasses and virtual reality adds an element of fun and playfulness. The emphasis on love and gratitude, as indicated by the sign-off “Gracias the Digital Don” creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere throughout the show. Just follow the numbers

1 Registration Vistor's Book
As you enter the exhibit and sign the visitor’s register you become part of the art. This booklet is your guide to the exhibition and the glasses provided are for the 3D bar, so Don them and enjoy
2 3D Screens Bar Experience
Enjoy the artworks displayed on the screens in the bar area. Visitors will be informed that all artworks are in 3D and encouraged to take a shot of any image you like the most. The artwork with the most likes will be emailed to everyone participating free of charge.
3 Cosmic Clock and VR Experience in the Studio
The vertical screen signifies the entrance to the Cosmic Clock and VR experience, which covers the past and present. You wil be invited to explore the exhibit and experience the VR art installation.
4 Lounge Experience

Next, you will enter the lounge area, where the Funky Musician Series will be on display. You can enjoy the artwork with the music art mix.

5 Gift Shop Experience

Should you wish to purchase virtual reality, clock or prints they will be available for sale in the secret art/board room.

It's About Time!

Melbourne, Australia – Music Theater, Art and technology enthusiasts, museum and art curators and collectors, get ready for a mind-blowing experience as the Digital Don brings his art exhibition to the Alex Theatre St Kilda.

The exhibition titled “It’s About TiME” promises to be a unique experience that explores the crossroads of art, technology, and time.

The Digital Don is a creative artist & digital tools are his preferred paint brushes for creation. He believes that evolving technologies define the natural evolution of art, music, and science. The Digital Don’s art resonates deeply, reflecting and impacting our emotions. The exhibition showcases The Digital Don’s work, which has evolved with the most powerful mediums of the day and night – VR, AR, XR, and AI. Visitors can experience immersive art that has reshaped our conceptions of space, time, and culture. The exhibition showcases the impact of this new art on our tech-driven, immersive lives.

Now Time Artopia

The exhibition features a Cymatic Cosmic Clock that explores the fourth dimension of time. The clock’s is a vertical laser projection, highlighting the importance of time and how the past continues to echo into the present, projecting the future. The exhibition also showcases T I M E = 86400 seconds Per day 604800 Per week 31535965440.038189 Per year.
Now Time Artopia
The Snail

The SnaiL – Cuando - Wōniú - 蜗牛 – VR

A Virtual Reality (VR) oeuvre that immerses the participant.

Honoring ancestral arts and artistry you are invited to explore within.

“The SnaiL” – rock art in virtual reality, bringing the past into the future. The snail has been around for millions of years and has survived environmental changes and challenges.


introducing a new way to reveal the scene – NFT digital art in the Meta and UNI verse. This new platform bridges the gap between old-world and new realities and brings creation from the Metaverse into the Universe. Fabulous prints available in various sizes.

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The exhibition promises to be a unique experience where Visitors can experience the impact of this new art on our tech-driven, digital lives. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience